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  • What's the best way to order a wig?
    When contacting us with a new project, the following information helps create a smooth workflow to get you the perfect wig solution. - Providing us with as many visual references as possible is the ideal way to communicate what you want. Images may include photos of the person who will be wearing the wig (both front and side views are helpful). Images from a Google search that show similar styles, length, colours, textures, and design concept sketches if you have them. - Also provide your timeline, and what you need the wig for i.e. a bespoke wig for an actor for screen, or a synthetic wig for a web series. This way we are able to provide a full range of options for your needs, within your timeframe. We will get back to you back with photos and descriptions of options that may suit.
  • Who do we supply wigs to?
    Everybody! We have a huge stock of existing wigs that are ready to go out for delivery at a moments notice. Or if you are in Auckland we allow people to come and pick up their orders. From dress up and fashion wigs to film and tv. We have wigs of every sort for any occasion. We also stock wigs for hair loss clients depending on what you are looking for. I can guarantee we have something for everyone. We can create high quality wigs for all sizes of projects, from big blockbusters to community theatre and from small web series to long running NZ TV shows. Sole Wig Works is based right here in Auckland NZ. In the past NZ productions would have to look overseas for the services that we provide. Now you can support a great NZ business right here!.
  • How long does it take to make a wig?
    If we have what you want in stock we can send it to you in a day or two. But if you want something bespoke here are some approximate timelines: - Moustaches take a day to make - Beards take about 3-4 days. - Re-fronting an existing wig takes about 4 days once a head wrap is provided. -A wig built from scratch can take 2 weeks or longer. Wig making has not changed much over the past 200 years. Each hair is tied into the wig lace individually. Because wig making is very labour intensive the minimum time from initial enquiry to completion for a hand made wig is about 2 months. Under certain circumstances this can be shorter. A fully hand made wig can take between 80 and 100 hours to make, but delays can happen because of availability of desired hair, specific foundation requirements, different attachment methods. The sooner we get the required information the sooner we can plan the build and give the client a clear indication of a time line and costs.
  • Wigs for the screen
    Depending on what you are looking for we can either find you something in our existing stock or make you something bespoke. We build wigs from scratch for actors. This involves a fitting with the actor and can take about 45 min. We have a lot of human hair in stock but if we do not have what you are after we have relationships with over seas suppliers and can often find what you want quickly, pending shipping delays. We Re-front wigs for people all the time. This is our most common request. We take an existing wig (often supplied by or found by the Head of the Makeup Department). We cut the front off the wig, replace it with new lace and Knott in a new bespoke hair line that matches the actor perfectly. Stunt Doubles would be one of our most common short notice requests. There is a sliding scale of how good a stunt double wig needs to be. Is the double driving a car at night 3 km away from the camera? Or is he in a fight scene right in front of the camera? These situations can have a massive difference on timelines and cost. We also have a lot of experience in doing wig work for creatures, hybrids, giants, animals and much much more. Weather we supply you with what you need for your project, or complete the work for you.
  • Wigs for the stage
    We have been supplying the stage and opera scene in NZ for about 5 years. We have a huge variety of wigs in stock that can be sent out immediately. As we have over 7000 wigs in stock, it's great if you can provide us with the following information about what you are looking for. - Colour -Length -Synthetic or Human hair -lace front or hard front. -Size of the actors head (tape measure around the hat line) -budget: Telling us as soon as possible in this process how much you have budgeted cuts out A LOT of back and forth and un-necessary information gathering. Any images you have are so helpful. Even some images from a Google search! An image speaks a thousand words.
  • Renovating existing wigs
    REINVIGORATING EXISTING WIGS: Sometimes over time a wig can end up looking tired, thinned out or tatted with age or due to wear and tear. We can take your wig and give it new life. Either by adding hair to thinning areas, giving it a smoothing treatment, or by patching holes or worn areas. RE-FRONTING EXISTING WIGS: Sometimes the front of a wig can wear out much faster than the rest of it. We can remove the front edge, replace the lace and re-knott the front to extend your wig’s life. Or if the front lace is still good we can simply knott in new hair. ADJUSTING AND RE-FITTING EXISTING WIGS: If a wig does not fit well it can cause a multitude of problems. It can cause you to heat up, rub in certain places and feel insecure on your head. We can adjust your wig to make it fit a lot better, add new fastenings or suggest alternative attachment methods to make you as comfortable as possible.
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