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Get Inspired with Wigs for Costume Inspiration!

When it comes to creating the perfect costume, details count. Whether you're preparing for a themed party, cosplay event, Halloween, or a theatrical performance, the right wig can make all the difference.

People wearing bright pink costume wigs

At Sole Wig Works, we believe that every great costume starts and ends with a fantastic wig. We understand the importance of quality wigs in bringing your costume to life. Let's chat about how our wigs can help you achieve the perfect look and inspire your creativity.

Costumes are a way to step into another character, era, or persona. Wigs and hair set the time period. An A-line dress with modern hair is just an A-line dress. But an A-line dress with a chignon and a wave at the front is straight out of a 50’s playbook. A vest and flared pants would look odd in today’s world but add an afro or a shaggy hair doo with a bandana and everyone instantly gets that you are straight outa the 70’s.

Woman dressed in a 70's style blonde afro wig holding records.

Barbie is one of the hottest costume themes right now which is rather appropriate seeing as a fundamental philosophy of Barbie is “you can do, or be anything”. Many iconic Barbies have been and gone over the years and one way she differentiated herself was by her outfits and by her hair, which were all reflective of her time.

Barbie doll with long blonde plait lying on a pink background.

Starting off with the original 60’s Barbie with her ‘clipped’ appearance, neat ponytail and formal attire, Malibu Barbie burst onto the scene in the 70’s with her more laid back facial expression and long platinum blonde hair. Fast forward to the 90’s where Air Force Barbie was patrolling the skies with her leather bomber jacket and tight curled bob. We think we should all be more like Barbie and experiment with outfits and styles - whether we are trialing a new look for ourselves or finding the best costume for our next themed party. And don’t forget, we no long have to commit to ‘getting a chop’ to trial a new look as wigs are being used more widely than ever. Try the classic blonde wig just like Barbie or level up your natural locks with a clip in ponytail. We have short wigs, long wigs, red wigs and blonde wigs and just about everything else in between. The options are endless and none of it is wrong.

Finding inspiration for your next costume can be half the fun. Here are a few creative ideas to help you get started:

1. Classic Hollywood Glamour:

Think Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, or James Dean. Our range of vintage-style wigs can help you achieve that timeless Hollywood look.

4 different wigs from the online store which fall into the category of Hollywood Glamour.

2. Fantasy and Sci-Fi Characters:

From elves and wizards to space explorers and superheroes, our wigs come in a variety of fantastical colours and styles to bring your favourite characters to life.

4 different wigs from the online store which fall into the category of Fantasy and Sci-Fi.

3. Historical Figures:,

Step back in time with wigs and facial hair that reflect the styles of different eras. Whether you’re portraying a Victorian lady, a Roaring Twenties flapper, or a 1960s mod icon, we have the perfect wig or beard to match.

4 different wigs from the online store which fall into the category of Historical figures.

4. Pop Culture Icons:

Want to dress up as a current pop star or a legendary musician? Our selection includes wigs and hair pieces that mimic the iconic hairstyles of various celebrities, making it easy to pay tribute to your idols.

4 different wigs from the online store which fall into the category of Pop Icons.

The Perfect Finishing Touch

If you are a bit stumped, reach out! We can help you chose a wig that does more than just complete a costume; it transforms it. Let us help you find the finishing touch that brings everything together, adding authenticity and grounding your costume into the era or theme that you are embracing.

 At Sole Wig Works, we understand the importance of this finishing touch which is why we have over 100 styles of wigs and hair pieces in a wide variety of colours to suit any costume and personality.

Why Choose Sole Wig Works for Costume Inspiration?

When you choose Sole Wig Works, you are choosing a small local business that is passionate about wigs. We talk to people all day everyday about options and solutions. We make sure that every customer gets that personal touch. you’re not just getting a wig; you’re investing in a piece that can elevate your entire costume and supporting a company that supports local productions and performances. We not only want you to feel good but also feel comfortable enough to wear your piece for extended periods.

Get inspired and start planning your next costume today! With Sole Wig Works, the possibilities are endless, and the perfect wig is just a click away.

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