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Perfect Your Look: Tips, Tricks, and Trends for Styling Wigs in Modern Fashion

Wigs have evolved from mere hair replacements to essential fashion accessories that allow you to experiment with different looks effortlessly. Whether you're new to wigs or looking to elevate your wig game, our guide offers valuable tips, tricks, and trends to help you embrace wigs as a modern fashion statement.

Tips for Styling Wigs

1. Customizing Your Wig: 

Personalizing your wig can make it look more natural and uniquely yours:

  • Use a hairdresser’s safety razor to trim the wig to suit your facial features and preferred style. Razors used gently can remove bulk easily and leave a feathery natural look.  Add layers for volume and movement. Add shape around the face to create bangs, fringe’s and face framing pieces.

Lace front wigs allow for versatile parting options. If you are buying a synthetic wig, make sure you purchase a wig with the parting in the right place as these are generally not adjustable. If you purchase a deep knotted lace front wig you can change the parting, these are usually only in human hair wigs. You can also pluck the parting and front edge to match your natural hairline.

Create baby hairs along the hairline to mimic natural hair growth and soften the wig's edge. Use a tail comb to pull out hair from the hairline and a razor to trim them to a short feathery texture. Control with a strong hold gel and spray.

2. Styling products: 

Most wigs will not need a lot of products. Synthetic wigs hold their shape until heat is introduced. If a bit of tangling occurs you can use a product with high silicone content like a serum or a detangling spray to help detangle.

 With shorter wigs I like to use a matte product like a paste or a fibre cream to control the style or movement. Styling powders also work well on shorter wigs if you are wanting lift and height.

women with a vert short and tidy red bob hairstyle.

Human hair wigs need a lot more maintenance. If using hot tools you must use a heat protective spray. You can use traditional setting sprays when roller setting. Use session sprays and lighter hair sprays to control flyaway. If using treatments or hydrating masks keep these away from the wig cap and the Knotts as they can loosen the hair.

3. Bangs, Fringes and pieces: 

Bangs are making a comeback. Try blunt, side-swept, or curtain bangs to refresh your hairstyle. Or instead of cutting a fringe into your wig look at getting a clip in fringe. Another great way to change up your style is to add a pop of colour to your own hair or to your wig. This is easily done by adding a coloured clip in weft or pony. Claw clip pony tails and hair pieces are also a great way to create a big impact with out the fuss of anchoring a wig. Toppers are also becoming more and more popular among women and men. These can be custom or factory made.

4. Ombre and Balayage: 

Gradient colouring techniques like ombre and balayage are popular for adding depth and dimension to wigs. These colour techniques offer a sophisticated, natural look. Make sure you check that your wig can be coloured as a lot of pre-made wigs have processed hair that is not able to be coloured.

If engaging someone else to colour your wig, make sure they are specifically experienced at colouring wigs, not just a hair dresser. Wig hair is very different from client hair.

5. Big hair: 

Creating big hair in wigs requires a lot of different techniques. Depending on weather you are using a human hair or a synthetic wig these techniques will be different. With synthetic wigs we want to use strong hair sprays, aggressive backcombing techniques and steam set roller sets. With Human hair wigs we use hot tools and hot rollers to create directional root movement and waves. We us soft cloud like teasing and the products we use are a lot softer like Elnett hair spray and smoothing creams. We will talk more about this later on.

Embrace the Wig Fashion Revolution

Wigs are a powerful tool for self-expression and creativity. With the right styling tips, maintenance techniques, and awareness of current trends, you can effortlessly integrate wigs into your modern fashion repertoire. At Sole Wig Works, we provide high-quality wigs and expert advice to help you perfect your look. Embrace the versatility of wigs and step out with confidence and style!

Contact the team today for more information on wigs and wig styling.

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