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Rubber Dust - Black/Fine 30gms

Rubber Dust - Black/Fine 30gms

SKU: Rubber Dust - Black/Fine 30 gms

For PROFESSIONAL use only!  This product is sold only on the understanding that they are to be used for the purpose intended by a qualified professional.

*Therefore, SOLE WIG WORKS  reserves itself the right to REFUND a customer if it has grounds to believe that they are not a qualified professional. 

  • Finely ground rubber compound
  • Creates realistic gunpowder residue
  • Great for dirtying down
  • Use on skin, costume and set
  • Black colour

Rubber Dust is a nifty product comprised of finely ground rubber particles to create an ultra realistic dirt powder that is perfect for replicating explosion effects.

Use Rubber Dust to create dirt effects, powder residue from explosions, blasts, gunshots or in any situation where a black powder is required.


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