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Self adhesive Bandage

Self adhesive Bandage


Bandage is a great option if you are doing hair prep on someone with a lot of hair. This helps to keep your wig prep in the right place and will help prevent it from sliding down the back of the head from the weight of the hair. Also great for contrilling strong hair that is resistant to being pulled in a different direction. 

Can be re-used, recommeneded to use on the same person. 

Size: 5cm*4.5m
Bandage self-adhesive, non-stick skin and hair 
Elastic ratio exceeds 2.2, this allows for adjustable tightening strength. 
Keeps skin comfortable, is moisture resistant and breathable 
Suitable for all parts of the body, , made for joints and other parts that are not easily wrapped. 

Can be torn by hand, no need for scissors, tape and other auxiliary tools 

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